Distributed Energy Systems

Research and facilities at Risø

This research group specializes in developing digital solutions for optimizing decentralized resources and managing interconnected local energy systems. They focus on areas like control and automation, actor role definitions, system integration into markets, and much more.

These solutions have versatile applications, benefiting various industries. They enable the development of energy management systems, microgrids and many more areas. Industries can gain advantages like optimized energy usage, cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, improved resilience, environmental sustainability, participation in energy markets, and a competitive edge.

Their facilities include the Energy System Integration LAB (SYSLAB) for research and testing of control concepts in power systems with distributed control, and the PowerFlexHouse, focusing on actively controlled buildings as assets in intelligent grids. These facilities drive advancements in demand response, user behavior simulation, control strategies, and grid impact evaluation.

Energy System Integration LAB (SYSLAB)
This facility is a one-of-a-kind research facility. SYSLAB is a system of several buildings, power sources and district heating that are connected and can be controlled from a central hub. Research and testing of control concepts and strategies for power systems with distributed control and integrating a number of decentralized production and consumption components including wind turbines in a systems context.

Power Flex House
The research building also host Blade Lab. The Blade Lab is a fully equipped laboratory for controlled production of large composite structures, supporting manufacturing experiments, material testing, simulation validation, and advanced manufacturing methods.


Henrik W. Bindner (Head of Section), hwbi@dtu.dk