Structural Design and Testing – Large Scale Facility

Research and workshop facilities at Risø

This research group specializes in predicting how composite and metal structures respond under complex loads. Their work focuses on improving the safety and performance of wind turbine structures, including design, manufacturing, modeling, and testing. They use digitalization technologies, including sensors and digital twins, for efficiency and reliability. Their expertise includes structural testing, sensors, damage analysis, machine learning, optimization and more.

Their research benefits the wind energy sector by improving structural prediction and improving turbine safety and efficiency. Additionally, their work supports maintenance and reliability in various industrial structures. Their digital twin focus supports design, analysis, and optimization across industries relying on structural integrity, including renewable energy, aerospace, automotive, and civil engineering.

Large Scale Facility
The Large Scale Facility is DTU’s 1560 sqm modern test hall with dynamic testing for blades and structures of varying lengths. It aims to be a global center for large structure strength research. The Large Scale Facility allows large-scale tests, specializing in wind turbine blade and large structure static and dynamic testing.

Blade Lab
The research building also host Blade Lab. The BladeLab is a fully equipped laboratory for controlled production of large composite structures, supporting manufacturing experiments, material testing, simulation validation, and advanced manufacturing methods.


Kim Branner (Head of Section),